Most Iconic Leather Jackets of Hollywood Industry

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4 min readDec 29, 2020

The charisma of a leather jacket is undeniable. This is the reason why movie stars in Hollywood are seen uncountable times nailing their big screen looks with a leather jacket.

If a fictional character needs to have a solid style that radiates coolness, rebelliousness and edgy attitude then the outfit choice has to be a leather jacket. As we noticed in many movies and tv series, superheroes always wore leather costumes!

Having the range of a wide variety of styles, from bomber to biker and aviator jackets, the leather jackets always add on something to the movie star’s appearance on the screen.

Here are some of the most iconic looks of leather jackets in Hollywood history.

1.Maverick’s Military Leather Jacket:

Talk around looking through great and smoothly defiant on the enormous presentation and the main name to return to our brains is Tom Cruise. With murdering practically all the examples he wore in motion pictures, Cruise is recalled explicitly for his particular military leather-based jacket style. Journey featuring as a military pilot Maverick in ‘Top Gun’ made his character a genuine saint for his fans. This exemplary tackle a Navy G-1 aircraft jacket has a shearling neckline and firmly weaved patches. Each fix means a task or achievement acquired inside the military. This aircraft joins the affection for military, flying and bikes multi-work sweets jacket. Indeed, even in spite of the fact that this jacket shouts the Eighties, it in any case works today and should be immortal. It helped Maverick and the Top Gun film remain as symbols.

2. Cher’s leather jacket:

Cher’s look in her 1989’s music video “In the event that I Could Turn Back Time” was surely an extraordinary one. In spite of the fact that the melody video changed into a disputable one and restricted prior to everything anyway then a short time later it changed into appeared after nine pm. Cher’s leather jacket is the finest to look a paramount one among every one of her appearances.

The amazing vocalist and all-round mainstream society symbol settled on an insubordinate dark biker leather jacket, with enumerating in highlights and a leather-based belt to the front. On the off chance that the reason changed into to order interest, this transformed into really wrapped up. Many years have outperformed seeing that Cher respected on the presentation screen with this magnificent look anyway individuals, all things considered, are not over her looks and the leather jacket is currently an effect.

3. Wolverine’s Brown Leather Bomber:

In the event that you’ve grown up considering funnies, at that point you certainly should need to discover the dependable Wolverine person. Or on the other hand in the event that you’ve missed that during funnies, at that point Wolverine in funnies should be into your note. In the Hollywood film X-men’s start, Wolverine takes numerous specific shows up. Nonetheless, the earthy coloured Wolverine jacket he wore makes a paramount look. The regular citizen clothing want, unkempt appearance, and the lamb slashes mirror Wolverine’s rough basic sense. This earthy coloured jacket flaunts earthy coloured tiger stripes, which add to the carnal experience and look of the character.

4. The Terminator’s Leather Jacket:

Taken straightforwardly off the lower back of a biker toward the start of the film, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s dark leather jacket in The Terminator films is inseparable from his outcomes effectively cool outlook. As a period visiting cyborg, it handiest causes to feel that Arnold would game a particularly notable dark leather jacket. The jacket style becomes roused by means of Marlon Brando’s jacket in “The Wild One”.The Terminator is perhaps the most distinguished characters inside the worldwide and his smooth jacket helped set him there with the customizable sleeves for comfort. The jacket says chance like the same. This zoom up dark leather-based jacket has stayed a fave of numerous film darlings.

5. The Indiana Jones Style:

The remarkable Indiana Jones in Raiders of The Lost Ark” is viewed as one of Harrison Ford’s most extreme supported works. With its dispatch in 1981 and the class of the film being gutsy, the characters were seen on the showcase screen with styling that emanates hard and tough look. What can make your looks/style more hard and tense than a retro leather plane jacket? The day the film changed into dispatched it changed into a style trailblazer for the experience adoring biker, riders and visitors. Despite the fact that Harrison didn’t encounter it much conveying inside the forested areas as a result of the climate conditions anyway his look on the presentation screen with the jacket on, certainly made him a significant symbol inside the Hollywood world.


If your type is one of the adventurous bikers,the rugged rider, a wandering traveller or just a Hollywood fashion lover then you too will agree to the fact that leather jackets are nothing but timeless and chic.

Be it the movie stars in the 80s, 90s or the 2000s, Hollywood has never gotten over styling the characters in leather jackets making each of the appearances an unforgettable icon. From actors to Singers and performers, all of the icons have owned leather jacket styles in their own charismatic ways setting never-ending trends for their fans.

We all have seen our favourite idols killing it in Leather jackets, my personal favourite being the bright red Thriller jacket of Micheal Jackson also defined as the greatest piece of rock and roll memorabilia in history”

In conclusion, no matter what movie or which character, as long as it comes to being iconic in Hollywood, stylists will never forget adding a leather jacket to their list!



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